Today, I had my first float in over a year.  However only my second time, I felt like a novice.

In short, it went effectively well.

Before I got out of my car I wrote down a few notes on how I was feeling at present. Excited, not nervous.  Hopeful.  Curious.  And Patient for whatever was to come in the tank.

I took a second to be aware of how I was feeling physically, which was pretty much my normal everyday aches and pains.  The one hour ride up caused my chronic lower back pain to be very noticeable.  Other than I was ready to go.

Walking thru the door I was greeted by one of the owners.  The room would be ready in just a few minutes.  He took some time to go over the usual do’s and don’ts as we walked to the room.  I told him I had floated before so I was familiar with the process.

The shower wasn’t in the same room as the tank.   So I had to undress, in the room with the tank, put on a robe they supplied and walk across the hall to a bathroom/shower.  Showered and robed back up to walk back across the hall to the tank room.  Earplugs in, I was ready to take a dip.

The feel of the water was just as I remembered.  Warm, smooth, dense, clear, clean, etc. Being in an open tank room, the room itself was heated and humid.  Naturally you’d expect this because you want the air around your skin to be similar to the temperature and feel of the water.

Stepping in, I immediately assumed the position.  Naturally placing my arms by my side, elbows out.  Head back and ears in the water. I knew it was going to be a good float.

You instantly feel when the density of the water has you.  Your outstretched legs pop up before anything else.  Evenly supported all over, gravity seems to be neural and balanced.  This evenly distributed sensation sends a message to you muscles to begin gradually relaxing and letting go.

Muscles under more tension dissipate pain and stresses slower.  So I felt my lower back for almost half the float.  (one of the main reason I need to float more)

My body steadily relaxed as my thoughts became less sporadic and more focused.

I began to immediately focus on how I would model my business differently from the center I was in.  I would image the setup and colors, potential layouts, decor, etc.  I’d run through start-up scenarios for my business and search for solutions to problems I didn’t even have yet.

Realizing my mind was indeed effortlessly wandering in other states, I would revert back to counting and focusing on my breathe.  Trying to be in a state of mindfulness; meaning I wanted to be presently aware of what was going on in the moment.  Just floating and feeling that my body (my vessel) was very relaxed.

When you do this, your mind is Present.  This is your True Self (not the ego) having the experience.

Not in the past.  Not in the future.  It is only focused on the Now moments.  What you are actually and currently doing.  Floating, relaxed, and still, not worrying about what has happened or may happen.

On the other hand, letting your mind wander and be free is very helpful.

Another huge benefit of a tank is the clearer thinking and increased creativity during and after the session.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Everyone’s experience is different.  The important thing is that YOU (body, mind and soul) feel better afterwards.

The “Afterglow” from the float is unmistakable.  As if there has been a release and a renewal.  You’ve traveled thru the void of space and landed back into a newly refreshed body…A new you.

Your skin is alive.  You’re standing taller.  You move a bit slower, coming back in touch with gravity.  Senses are slightly heightened.  I mean they have been block out for an hour.

Touch, Sight, Sound…cutoff.

Your body isn’t use to that…even during sleep.  When you are in deep sleep, your body is relaxed, yes, but you aren’t conscious either. You aren’t aware you are in that deep non-dreaming state for however long.  So that doesn’t count.

I haven’t falling asleep in a float tank yet.  I’m sure its amazing too.  No tossing and turning or uncomfortable positions.

In conclusion, my float was as expected…

Effectively Refreshing and Renewing…Mind and Body.

Cant wait til the next one.


P.S.  I have booked a free session for a close friend of mine who’s just as interested in Floating as I am.  I’ll report back his experience shortly afterwards.