Within a week from today I will enroll in a Float Center membership at the closest center around.  Bouyance in Huntersville, NC.  Its about 40 mins from my work.

I plan to go at least once a week, if not twice.  My hope is that I will become an expert in my own floating experience, technique, etc.  With this experience I will have the knowledge to share Floating with the rest of the wellness community and the world.

I’ll be trying different methods of mediation and mindfulness while in the tank.  Also using entheogens to help facilitate DEEP “mind expansion” and self reflection.

While floating, after your body relaxes and you lose sensory input, your mind will wonder and drift from thought to thought.   Did I pay that bill?  Why did I say something rude to that person?  What I’m I doing next week?  And so on.  But as you focus, literally focus on your breathing, you will find that the thoughts you have become few and far between.

After about 15 mins in, start counting your breathes and you’ll find your mind drifting away from counting.  Become aware of that and re-focus back on counting your breathes.  Slowly but surely, thoughts will fade.

As in mediation, your body is relaxed then the mind relaxes, you cant see or feel anything…all that is left is your True Self.

At this point you are open to the Universe.  (Metaphorically speaking)



I cant wait.