We, at Float Carolina, have been going back and forth with our talented architect for a couple weeks.  I have given him mock sketches of the proposes layout but he kept coming back with something completely different.  After 2 revisions, we realized we had never actually sat down with him and explained in detail what it was we wanted.  He met us at our space and listened to what we had to say as we made it clear what we wanted.

Now knowing what the layout should be, I for see he will be finishing up the details in a couple weeks.  Then we can send it out for approval, then contract bids.  So exciting!

We purchased the Online Apprenticeship from Float Tank Solutions.  It is an online training course for float center owners designed and created by the same guys that put on the Float Conference in Portland.  So far, I’m happy with the purchase.  The quality of the lessons are great and from the right people, so I trust the information we’re getting.  Click the link to the Online Apprenticeship page and check it out.

They cover:  Water Treatment, Business & Finances, Marketing and Construction.

They also offer an in-person 3 day Apprenticeship in Portland.  I would love to do it but it makes more sense for me to do it online.  Such as, I don’t have to fly across country and stay in a hotel for 3-4 days, I can do the lessons on my time in the comfort of my home, and the lessons are available to me and my team for life.  So if you find yourself in a position to purchase the courses, I highly recommend it.  Its a must have for beginner float center owners.  And you can use it to train future employees.

So things are moving along and going great.  This weekend The Float Carolina team is traveling to Sneads Ferry, NC to visit and newly opened center – The Float Spa SF.  We have scheduled floats to support Beth and her center.  She as also graciously agreed to let me to take measurements and pictures of her center to help me design ours.

I intend to update the blog more often as things progress.  Also I’ll be posting updates on the Float Carolina Facebook page.

See ya.

– Jack