As I said in the last post, after a float you just feel refreshed.  Its like you went into the tank for an hour and emerged in a new body.

Your muscles feel loosened.  Your skin feels better.  Your mind has spent time with itself away from the normal daily grind and stress.

Floating really is an all-around destresser, if that’s even a word.

After the float, your body & mind does readjust back to gravity and reality.  Yet there’s a lingering feeling that you are now slightly different than before. (at least for me)

I have a float scheduled for Thursday at 5:30pm at Buoyance.  Naturally I’m excited to float again.  This time I will be in an Oasis Tank.  Much different than an open air float tank or a Float Room.  It’ll be a bit more “enclosed”, as in the walls and ceiling will be closer.  But still plenty of room.

I don’t get claustrophobic so I’m not worried at all about that, as some others might be.

Even after only 2 floats under my belt I know I prefer a closed in sealed tank over the open air…But that’s just preference really.

So I’ll review my next float soon after.  I anticipate that my body will relax faster than the previous sessions I’ve had…I may even fall asleep this time.  We’ll see.