My business partner and I floated at Hot Yoga Therapy in Kernersville, NC about a month ago.  Walking into the place, the main lobby was relatively huge compared to the intimate settings of other float centers I have seen.  But realizing they are a yoga studio first, made sense.

The hot yoga studio area was just thru another door adjacent to the reception desk.  I wanted to step in but we were running late for our float appointment (big no-no btw).  We both went thru the intro and learned their shower and float process.  Asking a few questions, in took about 10 minutes before Justin was showering and I was waiting in the lobby.

Hot Yoga’s setup was to use a shower located next door to the float room; not something I like at all but as I understand it is primarily for the hot yoga guests after an intense session.

Their Float room was simple-elegant.  A bit bland but had a touch of “spa” with the decorations.  They have 1 Float Pod centered in the well lite room.  Opening the lid during the intro I noticed the water was crystal clean.  I was a bit taken back by that because I wasn’t use to seeing how clear float tank water was, usually because theirs little to no light to see.

I took my time while Justin was in the tank to speak with the receptionist.  She was gracious enough to answer my questions about how many floaters they get, what its like to handle yoga and floating in the same space, and a few other business questions I cant remember.  Luckily she was very knowledgeable, patient and kind…all you’d expect in a good float center receptionist.

When Justin got out we realized there was a post-float room just around the corner of the lobby with dim lights and a comfy recliner just waiting to be used.  Knowing that was waiting for me when i got out was…comforting and relaxing in itself.

After a quick shower and a walk thru the hallway draped with a towel I enter the float room.  Taking a second to absorb the transition experience, I again asserted to myself that in no way will I make my customers walk down a hall in a towel or rob.  To me, its a feeling of vulnerability and may elicit some deep insecurities just before you are about to try to relax.  Another big no-no for me.

But anyway, I laid down in the tank making sure I had a towel handy in case I got salt in my eyes.  The Float Pod tank is roomy.  The water had a slight, refreshing chlorine smell.  Nothing like a commercial pool.  Just enough to know it is clean.  The water temp and density were just right.  It was a good sign to see the results of great water maintenance.

During my float I didn’t really relax mentally, I believe I may have been too excited to be there floating in a Float Pod finally.  After about 40 mins in I turned the pod internal white lights on (no color).  I just floated in the light, looking all around studying the tank in detail.  Noticing the way the moisture condensed at the top and rolled down.  I noticed that there was little to no salt build up around the rim, indicating a good cleaning procedure.  And also noticing the space above me that’s available in the pod.  I could barely reach the top with my finger tips while laying flat.

So After I was done playing around I realized that I was good…done…ready to get out 15 mins early.  At first I was confused.  How was I done?  I usually want to stay in the tanks longer.  With no explanation, I listened to my inner self and got out happy and satisfied with my float.

While showering, all I could think about was the post float room and recliner waiting on me.

And what a delight it was.  A solitary room with Himalayan salt lamps scattered about.  A soft leather recliner with an appropriate foot stool just right for my soften muscles.  Probably the best part of the experience for me.  I just couldn’t get enough of that.

But after about 10 minutes I reluctantly got up because my biz partner was in the lobby waiting.

All in all, a very pleasant trip to another float center in NC.  I’m glad to see they are taken care of their customers and most importantly their water.  It only further excites me to open our own center and bring this incredible therapy to those who are in need of it and don’t even know it yet.

What an exciting time it will be in the next year to come.