As stated before, this blog serves to log my experiencing before, during, and after Floating.  Yet it is also a journal of my efforts to start and open a successful float center of my own.

My first (and only so far) float was around a year ago, Feb 2015.  Ever since then, I’ve been wanting to go back.  The refresh Physical and Mental feeling  afterwards was like a Hot shower, power nap and massage in One.  I wanted more.

However, my budget could not support a float every week, or month, or year.  Aside from that its not something “normal” people from the South do with their time, let only spend $70/hr on.  (probably because their are not aware of it)

Seeing these problems with lack of local Float awareness, places to float in SC, and the premium cost of a typical Float session; I wondered if it was possible to start one near by at a low viable & sustainable price point.

I want to bring this body, mind and soul beneficial “reset” tool to the people around me and eventually all across the world.

I wanted to take the “luxury spa” mentality out of it, in hopes to pull in individuals that other wise wouldn’t consider a “spa treatment”.  So I have been bouncing the idea around (along with other ideas) ever since.

The idea just doesn’t seem to go away.  I’ve already had one failed investment in Bitcoin and I just got over it 2 years later.  So starting a business I have no experience in doesn’t seem responsible to me.

But there’s this intense pull towards the idea.  Like a beacon on a mountain top a few ridges away.  A calling from a higher place within my Self.  It seems that I’m suppose to go this route, boom or bust.

I know that sounds a bit irresponsible to most.  So I decided to do some research on starting a business period.  And there’s a Huge resource of information out there.  Tons of valuable videos on YouTube.  From simple basic profit/loss understanding to complex mergers and acquisitions.  Its not Harvard level insight, but the tips, stories, and motivational material flooding YouTube is a beginner Entrepreneur’s go-to for business understanding.

Business and Motivational videos seem to go hand and hand.  They compliment each other.

You want to Start a business – Get motivated.

You want to get motivated – START a business.

Just DO IT!  They say. (Check out London Real)

If you haven’t seen this…click here.

So after many motivational business startup success stories and lectures…I was hooked on starting a Float center.

Now I have, what seems, a mountain of stress and hard times ahead of me.  Soo, As I do mental gymnastics to block out the potential hard road ahead, I’m committing to making it happen.

I WILL open a Float center.

But right now I need to Float!!

I need to float more for experience…and to help reduces this stress a new entrepreneur puts on himself.  For me, Floating and the Floating business compliment each other.

Its no wonder why float owners love what they do.  They love floating and want to share it with the world.  They need floating and Floating needs them.

Floating needs the love that all floaters share, to expand and grow and change the world one new floater at a time. (insert other New Age mush here)

I want to be apart of that.  I want to bring Wellness to the masses.  That includes low-income people.  They are exposed to dark roads and We are all Humans.  Money should not prevent others from experiencing the benefits and insights that Float Tanks and other wellness methods provide.  My center will promote internal and external peace, one customer at a time.

By now, I am rambling.  So I’ll close with this…

If you are considering trying out Floating, go for it.

If you are considering starting a Business venture, Go for it!

I am.

And I will be documenting it here.  Stay tuned.