Quick update on whats going on:

Doing my last float at Bouyance this weekend.  I cancelled my awesome low price membership.  Why?  Even at $100 a month unlimited floats, plus 2 extra hydro services, plus 2 shared first time floats…My experience isnt quite worth it.  #1 the drive is 45mins to hour from my home.  #2 the customer service at Bouyance is horrible.  Bad yelp reviews.  Weird vibes from the owners, not just from me, but 3 others I have brought to Bouyance.  I’m sure they are not filtering the water between every float, and I have not seen a record of that.  Their Oasis tank is kept too hot, around 97.3 I think.  The shower for their open tank is not in the same room.  All of these things can be fixed and improved.  So it stands to reason they are not concerned enough about their customer’s experience to adapt and change.  I will take my business else where.  By that I mean I’m starting my own center .

My business partner and I want to be the go-to place for Floating in the Carolinas.  We intend to be superbly better than Bouyance in every way.

I see it that Bouyance  has served its purpose to me in displaying what a float center should not be like.  Granted I have floated there maybe 7-8 times.  I’ve also introduced 5 new people to floating.  In which there is a 3/5 positive review.  My plans so far have been working out.  So as I say goodbye to Bouyance, I am reminded that I have a long ways to go still.

Our next step in the process is getting prints for the build out.  After which we can send out bid request to see how much this endeavor will cost.  Then decide whether to continue or not.  The ball is rolling, but will it hit a brick wall?