Its been awhile since my last post.  I’ve been busy with normal Life on top of the early stages of building a business.  The internal struggles never go away, but some days are better than others.  Like a roller coasters of emotions, self doubt, motivation, enthusiasm and depression; I’m riding the rails on the track of Entrepreneurship.

And like riding a roller coaster, you can get sick from the turns and swings and jerks.  I’m sure everyone knows that feeling of pure awfulness.  Turning green.  On the verge of purging.  After which you’ll feel better.

But how do you purge the internal struggles of starting a business?  How do you lift yourself out of dread, depression and self doubt?  Watch motivational videos?  Maybe.

For me, it was family time.

Spending time with family on my 30th birthday and the 4th of July is just what I needed.  Forgetting about the long grueling path ahead and escaping back to child-like fun was the prescription that worked for me.  Running around playing water balloon fight and hide-n-seek.  Chilling out on the front porch with a cold drink and conversing with family is the rest that most of don’t get throughout the year.

During that time I caught a glimpse of the real me and who I’ve evolved into from child.  The man who cares about others.  The man who bends over backwards to accommodate others.  At the same time reminding of who I was.  The boy who enjoyed playing and running and interacting with family.  The boy who dreamed and imagined daily.  The boy who would build and create as I went along.

I wasn’t thinking about the 6 months of an uphill push to come.  Or the stress and strain my mental and emotion health will be tested with.  Instead I was focused on the here and now.  Living in the moment with my Entrepreneur mind away in the distance.

Really anything that takes your mind away is helpful.  Away from the what-ifs, away from the whats-next, away from the what-nows.  Occupy your mind with something else…or nothing if meditating.

Escape.  Relax.  Release.  Refresh.

That’s essentially what Floating can do for you.  Providing you are not focusing on whats been bringing you down.

After much needed R&R, I’m ready to continue tackling the tasks at hand.  I have all the expectation to go thru the motions again before the month is over.

But those who push thru, make it to the other side.