Just a quick post.

Over the years I find that I tend to get easily hyped up about opportunities.  I’ll hear about something interesting or new, do some research and begin to figure out how can I be apart of it.  Like that’s my go to mentality…How can I be apart of something new and interesting.

Following something like that generally hasn’t gotten me into any negative situations.  So I don’t see it as not a bad thing.  But its what I do while I’m in the “thick of it” that steers my boat down river of the cliff.

So I have to step back and re-evaluate what it is I’m doing while following a particular venture.  What am I really getting into?  What will it be like for me 2, 5, 8 years down the road?

I understand that none can really answer these questions, but you can make educated guesses and come close.

Having said that, I feel this new venture I’m pursuing does seem promising, rewarding and challenging.  The good thing is I will have help all along the way.  There are many in the Float industry/community that are willing to give advice, education, and tips to help other owners run their business.  Its this community of Flout center owners that will be there to help me thru the head-scratching times.

When I get to a point when I don’t know what to do, I’ll be able to call upon my fellow Float-trepreneurs to guide me thru the rough seas.

So far, this is not a “cut-throat” industry.  Competition is low while assistance is high. What a perfect time to enter an industry.

Floating itself is a representation of the industry as a whole.  Calm, gentle, relaxed and welcoming.

I feel I’m already welcomed into the Float community with open arms.

Here’s a few resources to use in your float business pursuits.

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