“Inaction breeds doubt and fear.  Action breeds confidence and courage.  If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” – Dale Carnegie


My float last Sunday…

I arrived 15 mins early but the door was locked.  I called to see if anyone was there, no answer.  The owners where in there.  I know because he came to the door about 5 minutes late. No a big deal, but at least they could have answered the phone when I called.

I work at an office where there is 8 hours of constant phone coverage.  There, our phones don’t go thru any automated system, they are picked up by some one within the first 3 rings.  That, I believe, is a minimum requirement for quality customer service.

Answer the phone when a customer calls.  For god’s sake they are calling you, that’s why you spend money on marketing.

If you have to have a separate business & customer line to effectively service your customers, then so be it.

That being said, I’ve found that as I am essentially building a float business in my head and on paper…I am automatically critiquing and judging the float center I currently go to.  I wont go into detail, but I have found a number of things I would do differently and better.  That alone is encouraging.  Meaning, my thought process acts like I already own my float center.

But I digressed..

The float went well.  This time I went back to the Oasis enclosed tank.  I did something different this go around tho.  Some of you may cringe about what I did, but it was an experiment for me.  See the last time I floated in the Oasis it was very hot.  The sign on the tank says its 97.3 degree…Ouch!

It was so hot I was actually sweating.  I had beads running down my forehead.  That itching feeling before the sweat came was comfortable too.  The sweating coupled with the very stuffy air distracted from my float.  It was annoying, coming in waves of relaxation then uncomfortable sweating.  Aside from that it was still a good float.

So in preparation for this, I decided to crack the tank door open while I took my initial shower.  My intent was to allow some of the heat and stuffiness to dissipate slightly.  The door was probably cracked open about an inch for 5 minutes.  Not long at all.

Well…I think that might have been too much.  The air in the tank was noticeably cool.  Definitely enough to make you aware of the warmer water.

Shutting the door, it took about 15 minutes for the air inside to get up to temp.  It didn’t really affect my float at all. The air in the chamber gradually got warmer as my body adjusted to the temp of the water.  Gently easing me into a completely relaxed state.

Such a state where you don’t notice any annoying itch.  You can lay back and let the water carry you.  I even had condensation on the tank ceiling drip down hitting my leg.

I was aware of it and made note of it without feeling compelled to wipe it off.   This is where you wanna be.  This is the Alpha brainwave state, just before Meditative/Theta state.

That space you enter after going deeper down multiple levels of body relaxation.  A self-hypnotic, distraction-free, relaxing physical and mental state.  Your awareness expands. Fresh creative energy begins to flow. Fears vanish. You experience a liberating sense of peace and well-being.

Alpha states help you tap your creativity and are excellent for problem solving, finding new ideas and practicing creative visualization.  In this state you can be laser focused on a chain of thought.  Also, you will attain deep levels of relaxation that are so essential to your health and well-being.

For some time,I was laser focused.  Zoned-out in my own head.  Following chains of thought and connected them.  Trying to make sense of myself and situations I’m in.  Mostly regarding the float center start up.

During the float I’d go through different and creative “business realization” scenarios in my head.  Effortlessly concentrating, trying to find reasonable and executable solutions to business startup issues.

How am I gonna get proper funding, equipment, and training.  Where am I gonna have my location?  How am I gonna do all this before the Float Conference? …Lots of tough questions.  Although I did come up with creative solutions, I don’t know if they are the best ones yet.

That’s what I get to terrorism myself with during the following week.  lol  I’ll filter through the potential solutions to weed out the improbable ones.

As I try to formulate a plan of action, I do also have to just go for it and make decisions as I go.

As they say in Lean Startup…”Don’t Launch your startup, Drive it!

That means you cant know every bump and pot hole in the road before you travel it.  Instead, you find them and deal with them as you drive along.  This makes a lot of sense to me.

You don’t plan a start-up like a rocket launch.  Exactly figuring out course, trajectory and velocity.  Down to the seconds. Meticulously going over every nut and bolt.

Instead, you set a direction and hit the road with just enough knowledge and skill not to kill yourself or others along the way.  lol  You set a destination, put gas in the car, key in the ignition and set out to follow your dreams.  Changing lanes, dodging pot holes and passing old ladies the whole way there.

I shouldn’t try to create a precise plan and attempt to execute, because the Plan is always the first thing to fail.

Instead, I should get in the driver seat and Go!  Then I can adapt, turn, pivot, adjust and compensate as I go.  Bending and flexing as problems and detours come my way.  This has been the story of just about every successful entrepreneur there is.

Now its my turn.