“Use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.”   -Wordpress

I guess that sounds like a good enough start for my first ever blog about anything, ever.


Real quick.  My name is Jack.  I’m 29 with a wife and 3 year old son.  I’m a machinist by trade. And I like floating and I want to own my own business soon.

I wanted to showcase my journey thru Floating and my entrepreneur efforts.  So that it may help others in their Way.  I will be reviewing my ongoing isolation float tank experiences.  As well as my stressful journey to startup a business idea I have with little to no money.

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I plan on experiencing life changing steps in the coming year and wanted to start a log and share it.  From fear to courage, ignorance to expert, powerless to unstoppable (and a little enlightenment along the way) I CHOOSE to better myself and follow my dreams.

I’m sharing because I hope to educate and inspire others about Floating and with my startup journey.  If I can successfully, directly or indirectly, help one person in this world, then I have accomplished my ultimate goal thru this blog.

For 12 months, I plan to document my different float sessions.  Analyse some of them.  Expand my experience within them.  Notice changes to myself along the way.  Review different tanks in my area.  And discuss my startup plans and personal struggles with that.

Wish me luck.



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