Sometimes I find myself sitting at home on the couch watching tv with my wife and 3 year old son.  After just finishing dinner and the day beginning to wind down, I find myself surrounded by the things I’ve most wanted in life.  Its in the midst of the calm waters I naturally start self-reflecting.

I have a great job, house, beautiful wife, smart and healthy son…everything I’ve ever wanted.  Except my own business.

I immediately think about the float center plans I have.  And without fail, I envision myself still at the center at the time my family is settling down at home.  I imagine being at the center away from the comfort of home and no longer at the cushy 9-5 job I once had.  In an instance I realize the things I’ll be giving up.

A feeling of dread comes over me as my stomach drops.  And the Self-Doubt begins again!

“No one is gonna come to my center.  No one even knows about floating.  How am I gonna get 30+ customers a week?  I’m gonna be horrible at customer service…No I’m not, I’m super friendly.  Am I going to be able to maintain my water properly with absolutely no experience?…Well I did keep my pool clean for one whole year once.  Is our location the right one?  Are we gonna survive on our limited budget?  Why do I want to do this?  I’m not even going to make half what I’m making now in the first few years.  There’s probably someone out there better than me who could run a better center.  I’m just not good enough and I do not want to give up this lazy time with my family…”

And so on.

The feelings these questions and doubts provoke come flooding in at once in like a tsunami on the island that is my self esteem and motivation.  Almost immediately I feel the urge to reverse course on my Float center plans.  To abandon the idea of bringing this fantastic therapy to those that live in my small part of the world.  To escape the potential looming the responsibilities, the late nights, the low income and the stress associated.

It’d be SO easy to stop, turn around and convince myself with the million reasons I have ready and available to pull outta my ass at any moment.

But over the course of this venture I’ve created…no, accrued an etherical life vest to keep me afloat during those doubtful moments.  An ever-ready life jacket to keep my head above the water when it seems I’m drowning in a float tank of fear of failure.  This motivation vest is molded by countless hours of YouTube entrepreneur motivational videos.  All of which have a common message…Follow your own path, don’t give up if you don’t absolutely have to, accept mistakes as a learning experience, and remember why you started.

The Entrepreneur is made not thru just a good idea, but thru persevering.  Especially moving thru and enduring his/her own internal struggles.

So as I continue down this path, I must ignore the Negative Nancy and Doubting Daniel that is always following me and looming behind to catch me when I’m vulnerable to quitting.

For those of you out there having similar issues…Strap on your motivational life vest, jump in and keep swimming.

But take a pause and just Float once in a while.